Students in both the Specialist and Major program have the opportunity to get to know their peers and work collaboratively both in and out of the classroom. The 5th floor of the Medical Sciences Building houses the Biochemistry bistro, a place for students and faculty to interact and get to know one another.

The Biochemistry Undergraduate Student Society (BUSS) strives to create an enjoyable and supportive environment for biochemistry students outside the lecture hall, while also promoting the program to prospective students. To do this, we organise and host various academic and social events; these often include games nights, pub socials, course seminars, and more. Anyone enrolled in either a biochemistry course or subject POSt is considered part of the BUSS and is more than welcome to attend these events. First years and interested students from other programs are also invited to participate in BUSS events.

As a biochemistry undergrad student, life is not restricted to the fall and winter semesters as the Summer Student Program provides the opportunity to gain valuable research experience in one of the many labs in MSB, CCBR, and the hospital sites. Check the Participating Labs page for an overview of the type of research you could be exposed to. This program provides either funding in the form of a stipend or course credit for participation.

The Department of Biochemistry is pleased to offer student awards to recognize student achievement in the program. Check out the awards link for more information.

Undergrad Student News

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