The Department of Biochemistry offers many courses year round. The following outlines the timing of when courses are offered, you may also refer to the Arts & Science website.

Please ensure you have the necessary pre-requisites, prior to enrolling in a course. More information can be found regarding each course using the Course link.

Fall Courses Fall + Winter Courses Winter Courses Summer Courses
BCH210H1 BCH242Y1 BCH311H1 BCH210H1F
BCH370H1 BCH299Y1 BCH340H1 BCH299Y1
BCH377H1  BCH374Y1 BCH350H1 BCH372Y1
BCH422H1 BCH399Y1 BCH370H1 BCH399Y1
BCH425H1  BCH473Y1 BCH378H1 BCH472Y1
BCH428H1 BCH426H1
BCH441H1 BCH440H1
BCH446H1 BCH444H1
BCH448H1 BCH445H1
BCH478H1 BCH449H1