The Department of Biochemistry has close to 70 faculty, both principal and cross appointments, who are active in research and the education of our undergraduate students. Faculty participate in lectures, teaching labs, seminars and undergraduate supervision in research labs in order to better facilitate student learning. Admission into the Specialist or Major undergraduate programs in Biochemistry begins at the end of first year, with lectures and labs being offered in each subsequent year in order to develop technical and critical thinking skills.

The Department of Biochemistry’s Vision for Undergraduate Education

  • The Department of Biochemistry’s vision for undergraduate education is to generate scientifically literate, ethically responsible and engaged graduates.
  •          Through our innovative programs, students will develop in depth biochemical knowledge at the molecular level, acquiring ongoing and transferable skills to address and solve future scientific problems.
  •           Students will make connections and foster life-long relationships through networking within the department’s community of faculty, graduate students, staff, their peers and alumni.
  •  As undergraduates, BCH majors will appreciate the importance of biochemistry in society, while BCH specialists will become expert biochemists through our academic and research-driven program.

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