Williams lab unravels the mechanistic basis of a treatment for prion diseases

3 March 2016|

Prion disease occurs when the normal cellular prion protein (PrPC) is misfolded by a pathogenic form of the protein termed PrP scrapie (PrPSc). One approach to treat prion diseases is to reduce or eliminate PrPC since mice lacking this protein show few ill effects. The human-approved immunosuppressive drug FK506 has been shown to extend survival in prion infected mice but the mechanism has been controversial. In a paper published in the […]

Dr. David Williams

David Williams wins the 2014 David Isenman Award

25 February 2015|

David Williams won the 2014 David Isenman Department of Biochemistry Citizenship Award. This award is presented annually for service to the Department beyond the call of duty, as chosen by the Chair and ACC members.

David serves on the Supervisory Committees of more than 20 graduate students, is Chair of the Research Committee that oversees the maintenance of all common Departmental equipment, is a member of the Advisory Committee to the […]