An image of an atomic model of a ubiquitinated and dimethylated histone core particle with bound 53BP1 built into a cryo-EM density map.

Seeing the first steps of DNA repair

2 August 2016|

The laboratories of John Rubinstein and Frank Sicheri (Biochemistry), and Dan Durocher (Molecular Genetics) have used electron cryomicroscopy (cryo-EM) to determine the structure of the DNA-damage recognizing protein 53BP1 bound to modified nucleosome core particles. The work, published in Nature (, was led by postdoctoral fellow Marcus Wilson and research associate Samir Benlekbir and provides the first structural insight into how dimethylation and ubiquitination of nucleosomes in […]

CIHR Foundation Grants Awarded to Four Faculty Members

15 July 2015|