The Ion Transporter NKCC1 Links Cell Volume to Cell Mass Regulation by Suppressing mTORC1

15 May 2019|

Wael Demian from the Rotin lab at Sickkids, recently published a Cell Reports paper showing that the ion transporter NKCC1, known to regulate cell volume, forms a complex with the leucine transporter LAT1 and the Gln transporter ASCT2, and regulates mTORC1 activation via LAT1 and growth factors signaling. Thus, the work of Demian, et al. provides a long-sought link between […]

Image from Nature Communications paper

Recent Graduates, Ruth Milkereit and Avinash Persaud, publish paper in Nature Communications

2 June 2015|

Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Complex 1 (mTORC1) is a master regulator of energy metabolism, protein synthesis, cell and animal growth, and it is implicated in numerous diseases, including cancer. Influx of essential amino acids such as Leu into cells is mediated by the LAT1-4F2hc (SLC7A5-SLC3A2) transporter in exchange for Gln, and results in the recruitment of the mTORC1 complex to the lysosomal membrane. Intracellular Leu then enters the lysosome to […]

Dr. Daniela Rotin portrait

Daniela Rotin wins “Women of Action” Award

3 May 2011|

Daniela Rotin was honoured by the Israel Cancer Research Fund (IRCF) as a recipient of the prestigious “Women of Action” award at a gala event held at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto on May 3, 2011.

Founded in 1975, IRCF is one of the largest private sources of funding for cancer research in Israel and has helped to support the early work of scientists such as 2004 Nobel laureates Aaron Ciechanover […]