Workshop on RanBP2/Nup358 and Acute Necrotizing Encephalopathy

2 September 2021|

Professor Alex Palazzo is co-organizing with Jomon Joseph (National Centre For Cell Science, Pune) a Workshop on RanBP2/Nup358 and Acute Necrotizing Encephalopathy, November 10th to 12th (9AM to 12:30PM, EST). The workshop is free and will be held over Zoom. If you would like to attend, please register (see the link below). If you, or your trainees, would like to present your work, we have reserved slots for […]

A strong case for increasing federal funding for basic research

20 February 2021|

Professors Palazzo and Moraes co-authored an OpEd, “Dwindling Funding for Canadian Science”, that appeared in The Future Economy.

They point out that Canada now spends less of its GDP on science than any other G7 country except for Italy. As a result, many scientists do not have funding to conduct the work they were hired to do.

They strongly urge that the Canadian government increase its investment in research, especially […]

The Evolution of Biological Complexity from Junk

1 December 2020|

What if we told you that you have a brain not because of natural selection, but in spite of it?

In the latest issue of Cell, Professor Alex Palazzo and his collaborator, Eugene Koonin from the NIH, have advanced a new theory on how biological complexity evolves. Most scientists assume that novel genes evolve as a direct consequence of natural selection, but Palazzo and Koonin present evidence […]

Palazzo and Moraes on federal funding for basic research

21 June 2020|

In the latest CSMB Bulletin, Alex Palazzo and Trevor Moraes urge the Canadian Government to increase funding for basic research.

From the article:

Why must governments increase their support for science?  Charities do support some science, but this tends to be in very focused areas and less exploratory in nature. As for the private sector, there is no incentive to engage in basic fundamental exploratory research, as it does not provide […]

Alex Palazzo wins award for excellence in graduate teaching

2 February 2020|

Alex Palazzo was awarded a 2019-2020 Faculty of Medicine Graduate Teaching Award for Mid-Career Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentorship.

Professor Palazzo was one of two recipients honoured with the faculty teaching award in this category, to recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions to graduate education.  Candidates are nominated by their Graduate Unit through a student (or recent graduate) – initiated process and the awards are adjudicated by the Faculty […]

Single molecule imaging of mRNAs by the Palazzo Lab provides new insight into Protein Synthesis in mammalian cells

3 January 2018|

The Palazzo lab, in collaboration with Jeff Chao’s lab at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel Switzerland, has resolved a long standing puzzle in how cells use mRNAs to synthesize proteins as detailed in a paper published in the most recent issue of Cell Reports (Single-Molecule Quantification of Translation-Dependent Association of mRNAs with the Endoplasmic Reticulum, Cell Reports 2017, 21: 3740–3753).

Proteins can be divided […]

Alex Palazzo

Alex Palazzo and Ryan Gregory interviewed for the New York Times

5 March 2015|

Alex Palazzo and his collaborator, Ryan Gregory from the University of Guelph, were interviewed by New York Times science writer Carl Zimmer. The article, Is Most of Our DNA Garbage? revealed the realities and misconceptions surrounding junk DNA and the ENCODE project.

Dr. André Hoelz: “Building the atomic structure of the nuclear pore complex piece by piece”

11 November 2014|

Dr. André Hoelz, from the Department of Bochemistry at the California Institute of Technology presented the above lecture in our George Connell Seminar Series.

Trevor Moraes and Alex Palazzo promoted!

14 July 2014|

We were delighted to learn that Drs. Alex Palazzo and Trevor Moraes have been promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure in recognition of their “outstanding contributions to the Department and the University and of their promise for future scientific leadership.” The Department extends its warmest congratulations on their achievement!

Amy Cui wins Sela Cheifetz award

12 June 2014|

The Sela Cheifetz award for outstanding research for a Biochemistry Graduate Student was awarded to Amy Cui from the Palazzo Lab.


“The Case for Junk DNA” by Alex Palazzo

9 May 2014|

Dr. Palazzo, in collaboration with Dr. T. Ryan Gregory from the University of Guelph, published a perspective titled “The Case for Junk DNA” that appeared in the May 2014 issue of PLOS Genetics. It was highlighted on the National Geographic website.

Overview of the Paper:

With the advent of deep sequencing technologies and the ability to analyze whole genome sequences and transcriptomes, there has been […]