Co-produced synergistic metabolites from bacteria hold hope for tackling antimicrobial resistance

7 September 2021|

Bacterial specialized metabolites may more commonly be produced and act in combination than previously appreciated. In a new review for Nature Microbiology, postdoctoral fellow Kirsten Meyer and Professor Justin Nodwell discuss the biology and applications of combination metabolites with synergistic antimicrobial activity. Bacteria from diverse phyla and environments produce synergistic metabolite combinations. Despite this diversity, there are conserved genetic and biosynthetic strategies for production of the combinations. The metabolite combinations […]

Appointment of Prof. Liliana Attisano as Interim Chair, Dept. of Biochemistry

23 April 2021|

This message is being sent to the Department of Biochemistry on behalf of Dr. Trevor Young, Dean, Temerty Faculty of Medicine and Vice Provost, Relations with Health Care Institutions.   

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that the Agenda Committee of the Academic Board has approved the appointment of Professor Liliana Attisano as Interim Chair and Graduate Chair, Department of Biochemistry, effective May 1, […]

Prof. Justin Nodwell elected to the American Academy of Microbiology

5 January 2018|

Professor Justin Nodwell has been elected to Fellowship in the American Academy of Microbiology.

Doctors’ Notes: Changing the way we fight bacteria

24 October 2016|

Featured in this week’s Doctors’ Notes column in Toronto Star, Prof. Justin Nodwell re-examines antimicrobial resistance and discusses what our researchers are doing to fight bacteria.

Read the full article here.

Tomas Gverzdys wins the Scott Award for Top All-round Grad Student

21 May 2015|

This year’s Scott Award went to Tomas Gverzdys from the Nodwell lab.

This award is for the “best all-round Biochemistry graduate student using as criteria performance at seminars, readiness and willingness to assist fellow graduate students and staff, abilities as teaching assistant, etc.” The award is provided from an endowed fund set up by the estate of David Scott in his honour.


Lunanos Founders UofT

Grad students Scott McAuley and Leo Mui featured in U of T Magazine article

5 March 2015|


Scott McAuley, a grad student in the Nodwell lab, and business partner Leo Mui, were featured in the recent issue of U of T Magazine. The two U of T grad students formed the company Lunanos and are developing a reusable disinfectant indicator sticker for use on rolling hospital equipment as a tool for infection control. Prototypes will shortly be tested in hospitals in Toronto and the Philippines.

10th Annual Benjamin Schachter Memorial Lecture

29 October 2014|

From 1934-1939 Dr. Benjamin (Benny) Schachter worked in the Department of Biochemistry conducting research on female sex hormones, isolating and identifying conjugated oestrone sulphate (Premarin). To honour Benny Schachter’s memory, a donation was made to the Department by his family. The funds are being used to support an annual lectureship in his memory. The BGSU and graduate students select and host the speaker who is a graduate from our Department.

This […]