Dr. Warren L. Lee portrait

Warren Lee interviewed by CTV on flu treatment findings

12 June 2015|

Dr. Warren Lee, critical care physician and cell biologist with St. Michael’s Hospital, teamed up with drug researchers at Sunnybrook Hospital to test Vasculotide, a new drug treatment that prevents lung blood vessels from leaking when attacked by the flu virus. Previous flu drugs attempt to defeat the virus while Vasculotide successfully treats the host.

The research findings are published in Scientific Reports and announced in […]

Yuqing Wang

Grad Student Yuqing Wang featured in Faculty of Medicine News article

5 March 2015|


Yuqing Wang was featured in the article She Does It Her Way (And It Works) for the Faculty of Medicine News webpage. Yuqing, a PhD grad student in the Peter Kim and Angus McQuibban Labs, discussed her challenges and numerous triumphs in her studies and life in Canada.



Alex Palazzo

Alex Palazzo and Ryan Gregory interviewed for the New York Times

5 March 2015|

Alex Palazzo and his collaborator, Ryan Gregory from the University of Guelph, were interviewed by New York Times science writer Carl Zimmer. The article, Is Most of Our DNA Garbage? revealed the realities and misconceptions surrounding junk DNA and the ENCODE project.

Lunanos Founders UofT

Grad students Scott McAuley and Leo Mui featured in U of T Magazine article

5 March 2015|


Scott McAuley, a grad student in the Nodwell lab, and business partner Leo Mui, were featured in the recent issue of U of T Magazine. The two U of T grad students formed the company Lunanos and are developing a reusable disinfectant indicator sticker for use on rolling hospital equipment as a tool for infection control. Prototypes will shortly be tested in hospitals in Toronto and the Philippines.

Dr. Christine Bear

Christine Bear interviewed for the 25th anniversary of the CFTR gene discovery

1 October 2014|

In September, the Hospital for Sick Children celebrated the 25th anniversary of the discovery of the gene that causes Cystic Fibrosis: CFTR. To explain to the public the importance of the discovery, Christine Bear, Senior Scientist and Co-director of the Sick Kids Cystic Fibrosis Centre, was interviewed by several media outlets including CTV News, CBC, Global, and Cystic Fibrosis News Today.