Dr. Shana Kelley

An image of overview of strategy for screening for novel mtDNA repair and replication factors.

Kelley lab screened for new pathways involved in the maintenance of mitochondrial DNA

6 June 2016|

In a paper recently published in Nature Chemical Biology, Simon Wisnovsky in Kelley laboratory describes a high-throughput screening study that leverages small-molecule probes to look for new DNA repair and replication factors in human mitochondria.  The study uncovered a DNA polymerase that is essential for mitochondrial function that had never been observed in the organelle before.  Given the importance of mitochondria as cellular energy generators and trigger points […]

Shana Kelley and co-workers create microchip that can detect type and severity of cancer

20 October 2009|

As reported Sept. 27 in Nature Nanotechnology, the research groups of Shana Kelly and Ted Sargent have used nanomaterials to develop an inexpensive microchip sensitive enough to quickly determine the type and severity of a patient’s cancer so that the disease can be detected earlier for more effective treatment. Their new device can easily sense the signature biomarkers that indicate the presence of cancer at the cellular level, even though […]

Shana Kelley is Named Top 40 under 40

1 May 2009|

Dr .Shana Kelley, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto and Director, Division of Biomolecular Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, has been named to this year’s Top 40 Under 40.

Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 is a prestigious national program founded and managed by the Caldwell Partners to celebrate leaders of today and tomorrow and to honour Canadians below the age of 40 who have achieved a significant level of success. […]