New Tricks for Phages

18 February 2021|

In the latest issue of Molecular Cell, the Maxwell, Davidson and Moraes labs identify and characterize Aqs1, a multi-purpose DMS3 phage protein. Aqs1 binds and inhibits LasR, which is required for quorum sensing and the release of several anti-phage defenses in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. But that’s not all. Aqs1 also binds PilB, and thereby blocks pilus assembly. Since the bacterial pilus helps phage to infect, Aqs1 prevents further […]

Davidson and Maxwell help discover off-switches for CRISPR

31 January 2017|


Featured on the cover of Cell, Biochemistry’s Dr. Alan Davidson and Dr. Karen Maxwell helped to discover how to turn off CRISPR. Read the full story.

April Pawluk wins the 2015 Sela Cheifetz Award

21 May 2015|

The 2015 Sela Cheifetz award for outstanding research for a Biochemistry Graduate Student was awarded to April Pawluk from the Davidson Lab.

April presented her work on the identification and analysis of novel anti-CRISPR genes.