Virtual Symposium Gives Summer Students Platform to Present Their Research—and to Shine

12 October 2021|

Jocelyn Nurtanto, from Professor Liliana Attisano’s lab, won the Best e-Poster Pitch Prize for presenting of a method she helped develop that allows culturing three-dimensional human lung organoids for a deeper study of lung development and disease and for drug discovery.”

To read more, click here: Virtual Symposium Gives Summer Students Platform to Present […]

Appointment of Prof. Liliana Attisano as Interim Chair, Dept. of Biochemistry

23 April 2021|

This message is being sent to the Department of Biochemistry on behalf of Dr. Trevor Young, Dean, Temerty Faculty of Medicine and Vice Provost, Relations with Health Care Institutions.   

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that the Agenda Committee of the Academic Board has approved the appointment of Professor Liliana Attisano as Interim Chair and Graduate Chair, Department of Biochemistry, effective May 1, […]

Liliana Attisano portrait

Latest Platform Support Grant to the Attisano Lab to make advanced brain models

27 March 2021|

Together with the Krembil Foundation, Brain Canada awarded a Platform Support Grant (PSG) to a team spearheaded by Professor Liliana Attisano. She will be receiving $1,425,000 to support the Applied Organoid Core (ApOC), an organoid production platform for modelling human brain development and disorders.

A novel potential approach to treat cancer: Targetting NUAK2 to block oncogenic YAP/TAZ signaling during tumorigenesis

3 October 2018|


Time-lapse imaging of Clover-YAP WT (first movie) and 5SA (second movie) in MDA-MB231 cells. Localization of Clover-YAP WT (wild type) and 5SA (mutant at all five LATS targeting sites) was monitored before and after addition of NUAK2 specific inhibitor, WZ4003. Note that the nuclear signal is gradually lost after addition of WZ4003 in cells expressing YAP-WT but not affected in YAP-5SA. Images were captured every 10 min for 2 hours. […]

Emad Heidary Arash wins the Beckman Coulter – Molecular Devices Prize

21 May 2015|


Emad Heidary Arash, from the Attisano lab, presented the Beckman Coulter – Molecular Devices Prize talk for the most outstanding paper published in 2014 from a student in the Biochemistry Department.

In this paper Emad and his co-authors identify ARHGEF7, also known as β-Pix, as a new regulator of the Hippo intracellular signalling pathway.   This work was published last year in the EMBO Journal.

Attisano lab discovers a new player in the Hippo signalling pathway

19 December 2014|

The Hippo pathway is a conserved intracellular signaling pathway with important roles in various aspects of development and homeostasis in animals. Defects in Hippo pathway regulation are associated with various types of cancers. Factors such as cell-cell contact, cell morphology and G-protein coupled receptors have been shown to regulate the Hippo pathway but the mechanisms are not very well understood.

In work published in the latest edition of the EMBO Journal, the Attisano lab describe a new regulator of this pathway, ARHGEF7 (also known as β-Pix). […]