“Taking this course made me understand firsthand why networking is important. I was able to have an informational interview with one person, and after only a few weeks, I met 2 others through meeting that one person. This really opened my eyes, because you never know what insight someone may offer you, and who else they could introduce you to. Networking is not just about being social, it is about putting yourself out there and showing that you have a passion or drive for something. The idea of going out of your way and contacting people you do not know can seem intimidating, but it shows that you are proactive. As a researcher this is often overlooked. This course emphasizes that it is important to meet people, and even teaches you how to network. Networking is a skill that one needs at any point in their life, no matter what their field. To be able to learn this early on in graduate school is definitely rewarding.”
Erum Razvi, 2015, one year after GPD, Graduate Student, Biochemistry

“As an increasing number of science graduate students look for work outside of academia, there is a real need for professional training to smooth the transition from graduate school. Even for those looking for a tenure-track job, such training is highly valuable. The Graduate Professional Development course was very important for myself personally in helping me to make this transition. The course got us thinking about alternative career paths, building a LindedIn presence, and networking. I recently used all of these skills to land my first job, as a market analyst. I highly recommend this course to every grad student!”
Alex Marsolais, 2015, three years after GPD, PhD Candidate, Biochemistry

“I am extremely glad that I took this course and applied the things I learned in applications and job searching. As for the new job, I am enjoying the different projects thus far. I could not have been where I am today without you and your course. THANK YOU!!!”
Tommy Tam, GPD 2015, Graduate student, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation

“Best decision of my life to take this course!”
Henry Chang, GPD 2014, Graduate student, Biochemistry

“This course helped me realize I have many career options, which is relieving because it is often said that there are no jobs in science.”
Erum Razvi, GPD 2014, Graduate student, Biochemistry

“It is really helpful that is made me realize I still have many things I need to work on and I need to start planning early.”
Zhifen Zhang, GPD 2014, Graduate student, Biochemistry

“Personally, I feel like I understand myself better and I probably learned more about the skills I need to work on than (I would have in) my entire graduate career.”
Brandon Ho, GPD 2014, Graduate student, Biochemistry

“Very unique course to learn how to brand yourself and land your dream job.”
Ikbae Son, GPD 2014, PhD candidate, Pharmaceutical Sciences

“It motivated me to become a more active person, who is not only doing research in the labs, but also, going out to meet people and build a network and do something that I am interested in.”
Emily Park, GPD 2014, PhD candidate, Biochemistry

“Looking for a job was a scary thing for me. I wanted to stay in the academic bubble. After this course, I can’t wait to go into the world and meet new people, and have a job that I am passionate about.”
Yuqing Wang, GPD 2014, PhD candidate, Biochemistry

“This course is an amazing introduction to your career outside or even within academia. It teaches you how to be in charge of developing your own career through following your passions and personal skills. I got to know myself better and what I need to work on to be better professionally while still being able to have a family and a happy life.”
Maha El Zeiry, GPD 2014, Graduate Student, Biochemistry

“While my situation in the GPD class was a bit unorthodox because I had just started graduate school, I would say that the GPD class was important in teaching me that completing a professional degree is only part of the training that I will need to be successful in my field, and that skills such as networking and leadership are a necessity even in fields traditionally perceived as having a focus on technical skills only. I have become much more open to the interpersonal and managerial aspect of science, and am more aware of the resources offered to by the university and other student organisations to support these skills. The class also provided me with exposure to many different non-traditional career paths possible for students in the sciences, and I would say the the overall experience was very positive and valuable.”
Eric Lei, 2013, one year after GPD, Graduate Student, Biochemistry

“I learned so much from the GPD course, it has really impressed upon me the importance of networking and volunteering during the later stages of my PhD, as I prepare for the transition to the working world. I have spent the year following the course volunteering for the Canadian Science Policy Conference 2013, and building my personal network through various health sciences organizations, such as Life Sciences Ontario. Thanks Nana and Reinhart!”
Alexander Marsolais, 2013, one year after GPD, PhD Candidate, Biochemistry

“The skills I gained from the GPD course changed the way I think about my PhD moving forward. It opened my eyes to different professional development options available and facilitated excellent networking opportunities. Since taking the course I have become involved in the Canadian science policy community helping to organize a panel discussion at their annual conference.”
Dave Gallo, 2013, one year after GPD, PhD Candidate, Biochemistry

“Prior to the GPD course, I was uncertain as to what I would do after I finished my Ph.D. degree. The course provided my initial exposure to management consulting and the opportunity to network with a well-connected consultant who previously was a graduate student in the department. Combined with the critical skills taught during the course, I have made significant strides towards a career within the period of a year, all of which would not have been possible without GPD.”>
Kris Hon, 2013, one year after GPD, PhD Candidate, Biochemistry

“The GPD course was the best course I have taken during my graduate career! The course inspired and gave me the confidence to take initiative in what I believe in: better outside the classroom learning opportunities for undergrad and grad students. After the completion of this course, I successfully initiated the “Molecular Genetics Reading Week Shadowing program” and organized the first ever “Molecular Genetics Career Development Symposium”.
Isabel Leung, 2013, one year after GPD, PhD Candidate, Molecular Genetics