Trainees working in the Mars2 research labs

Students are considered registered as soon as they have paid tuition and incidental fees or have an approved request to Register Without Payment. All students are responsible for paying their own tuition fees. Students are informed of fees payable by way of the Student Web Services (SWS) in the Repository of Student Information (ROSI).

All students are expected to view their account on the SWS to monitor all account activity. Tuition fees can be paid at most Canadian financial institutions. Since it can take several days to process such transactions, it is advisable to obtain a receipt as it will not be possible to enroll in courses or receive stipend/award payments without showing proof of tuition payment.

Students wishing to pay tuition from outside of Canada should consult the Student Accounts website for instructions.

The policies governing the graduate program in the Department of Biochemistry follow the regulations outlined in the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Calendar (see the General Regulations and the Degree Regulations).

Register Without Payment

On a yearly basis students may temporarily defer the payment of their tuition fees.

Enrollment in Courses

Students enroll in courses online using ROSI. For first-time users, the password is the student’s date of birth (DDMMYY). Note that each year ROSI will automatically enrol students in the thesis course, RST 9999Y, and one of the seminar courses, BCH2020 (M.Sc.) or BCH2022 (Ph.D.), as appropriate.

Students must enroll themselves in any other courses that they may wish to take. It should be noted that students’ enrollment in courses will not be approved until tuition fees have been paid or deferred. Once fee-payment has been received and processed by the University (e.g. from a banking institution) a zero balance will appear on ROSI. If fees have been paid but not yet processed, the assistance of the Graduate Program Administrator will be required to enrol in courses.

Student Cards and Email Accounts

All new students will need to obtain a photo-ID card (TCard), as it serves as both student card and library card. Cards may be obtained at Robarts Library, Rm 2054 A. Two pieces of identification will be required: a photo-ID and a document indicating your student number (e.g. Offer of Admission Letter for new students or Fee Invoice for continuing students).

Go to the TCard website for further information on getting a TCard and creating a University of Toronto email account.