Organelles and Cell Function


Advanced principles and concepts of cell biology are covered including the structure, biogenesis, and dynamic behavior of cell organelles. The specific contributions to the life and death of the cell are highlighted. Signaling events that integrate cellular communication is discussed. Specifically, the interplay between the Endoplasmic Reticulum, Peroxisomes and Mitochondria is highlighted. Mitochondrial biogenesis and membrane dynamics as they relate to apoptosis and cellular signaling/integration is presented as it relates to human disease. State-of-the-art imaging techniques and the contributions of cell biology to modern day advances in medicine are also presented.

Course Next Offered

January 2015

Course Time and Location

Bahen Centre for IT, 40 St George Street
2-4pm Wednesdays

Enrollment Limit

Yes — 24


The first five weeks will consist of lectures as outlined above, to give a solid grounding in the most important aspects of the field. The lectures will focus on experimental results, interpretations, and models of biological function. This will serve as a platform for the midterm in terms of questions that involve design an experiment to test a theory, suggest alternative approaches, etc. There will also be a written assignment of a paper critique. 6 papers will be selected with 4 students writing a critique of each paper (but each student generates their own report) to be assigned. In addition there will be oral presentations of 15 minutes to briefly discuss an assigned paper.

Lecture Schedule

Jan 7 – Lecture 1 – Intro&Microscopy/AM&PK Jan 14 – Lecture 2 – Mitochondrial Function/AM Jan 21 – Lecture 3 – Peroxisome Function /PK Jan 28 – Lecture 4 – Apoptosis /DA Feb 4 – Lecture 5 – Mitochondrial Dynamics/AM Feb 11 – Lecture 6-midterm Feb 18 – READING WEEK – paper due at end of the week by email Feb 25 Lecture 7 – Autophagy – 4 student presentations/PK Mar 4- Lecture 8 – Pexophagy – 4 student presentations/PK Mar 11 – Lecture 9 – Apoptosis – 4 student presentations/DA Mar 18 – Lecture 10 – Mitophagy – 4 student presentations/AM Mar 25 – Lecture 11 – Diseases – 4 student presentations/AM Apr 1 – Lecture 12 – Diseases – 4 student presentations/PK


AM=Angus McQuibban DA=David Andrews PK=Peter Kim


G. Angus McQuibban

G. Angus McQuibban

University of Toronto
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry
MaRS Centre, West Tower
661 University Ave., Suite 1500, Rm 1536


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