Introduction to Programming in Python


In this course students will be instructed in how to program in Python. Ultimately students will learn how to use Python to analyze, process and visualize data. This course is designed for students with little to no experience in programming.

Students taking this course will not only receive 0.25 Credits but also 18 SciNet credits (9 scientific computing; 9 data science) – after 32 SciNet credits students will obtain certificate from SciNet.

For details, visit the Course Page at SciNet.

Course Next Offered

Winer 2024

Course Time and Location

Each class is 1 hr Wednesdays
First class: 10 Jan 2024
Last class: 17 Apr 2024


For PhD students only

Enrollment Limit

Yes — 20


This course is only available to PhD students.

Method of Student Evaluation

6 Weekly assignments.
The final grade will be based on the average of all of these assignments.

Ramses van Zon

Last Updated 8 January 2024