BCH2202H Intro to Programming in R


This is an introductory class to programming in R.

The class is geared towards novices who have little to no experience in computer programming.

The class is a 12 week boot camp and will teach the fundamentals in programming in R with a bent on applications that are commonly used by biochemistry researchers.

For more info see: https://scinet.courses/1277

Non-Biochemistry Students:  This courses will be available to all non-Biochemsitry students to request through ACORN as follows:
Winter 2023 modules: December 1, 2022 – January 23, 2023 (last day to add Winter courses)

**Important note for non-Biochemistry students – if you have one unpaired BCH2024 course, then you must contact carrie.harber@utoronto.ca to sign up for the second 1/4 module as per the deadlines listed above.  Do not enroll through ACORN as your grades must be recorded under BCH 2024H Y – Focused Topic in Biochemistry.

Course Next Offered

Winter 2023

Course Time and Location

Date: February 8th to April 26th, total of 12 weeks (1hr/week)
Time: Wednesdays, 9AM - 10AM
Location: MaRS West Tower, 11th floor (SciNet), Room 1140A



Enrollment Limit

Yes — 15

Method of Student Evaluation

Grade is based on six assignments. One assignment handed out every second class.

Erik Spence (SciNet)

Last Updated 18 January 2023