The Ubiquitin-Proteasome System

BCH2024H – Focused Topics In Biochemistry

This is a self-directed learning class covering topics related to the ubiquitin proteasome system.

Students will be organized into 5 groups. Every group will be assigned a topic, develop a 40 min power point-assisted lecture that would be suitable to teach this topic to a class of first year graduate students, and present the lecture to the class. The group then leads a class discussion on a paper related to their topic and published in the last 5 years.

The topics will focus on the following topics:

  • Proteasome Structure – Activators and Inhibitors
  • Proteasome Biogenesis
  • Recognition of Proteasomal Substrates – Ub receptors and DUBs
  • Substrate Entry and Translocation
  • Peptide Splicing and Immunoproteasome
  • Regulation of Proteasome Function in Disease
  • Proteasome Dynamics


Organizational Class (April 23, 2020)

The instructor will give an introductory lecture. Students will be organized into 6 groups and assigned a topic. The structure of the class and the expectations will be discussed.

Two weeks before their lecture date (by 5PM), students are to hand in

  1. A two page outline of the content of their lecture.
  2. The title of the paper to be presented, which all students are expected to read.
  3. The title of a review relevant to the topic, which all students are expected to read.

Outline format:

  • 12-point font
  • 2 cm margins all around
  • single spaced with no more than 47 lines per page
  • point form is acceptable

Classes 1-6 (weekly middle of May through June 2020), Student presentations

The lecture should be ~40min long. The lectures are expected to last 1 hour including interruptions and questions from the other students. Then the paper will be discussed with the presenting students leading the discussion and calling on other students to present figures. Each student is expected to present 2-3 figures over the duration of the course. The last 5min of the class will be dedicated to the evaluation of the presenters by their fellow students.



Students are required to submit to the instructor before the organizational class:

  1. the name of their thesis advisor
  2. the title of their thesis work



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Biochemistry students will be given first priority

Last day to request enrollment for the course: April 15, 2020

Course Next Offered

April - June 2020

Course Time and Location

April – June 2020
Location: Zoom
Time: Thursdays 1-3 PM

Enrollment Limit

Yes — 12

Method of Student Evaluation

25% Participation in group discussions.
25% Paper presentations (figure presentation).
40% Evaluation of the lecture.
- Half based on peer evaluation, half based on instructor evaluation.
10% Outline of the course.


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