Structure and Function of the Cytoskeleton


Course Overview:

The course will discuss recent advances in our understanding of the structure and function of the cytoskeleton. Discussion will include, but not be limited to cell division (prokaryotic and eukaryotic), cell migration and ciliogenesis.

Course Objectives:

Discussion of the in vitro molecular analysis of cytoskeletal assembly and organization and its implications in regulating physiological processes.


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Add date – Deadline to submit request – August 21, 2020
Drop date – Students have until the day before the first class to drop the course.  Students can only drop the course after the first class with the permission of the instructor.

Course Next Offered

October 2020

Course Time and Location

Time: Friday 10am – noon
Dates: Oct 23rd, Oct 30th, Nov 6th, Nov 13th, Nov 20th, Nov 27th
Proposal Due date: Dec 18th 5pm

Enrollment Limit

Yes — 12

12 total (6 reserved for Biochem Grad Students; 6 for Molecular Genetics Grad Students)

Method of Student Evaluation

20% participation. Active participation in group discussions and reading of background material prior to presentations.
40% presentation. Each person will present at least 1 published paper with appropriate background material and future directions.
40% experimental proposal. Each person will identify a specific question relating to the function of the cytoskeleton and develop a series of experiments to address and resolve that question.

Recommended Reading

Assigned reading will be sent out before the course starts. In addition to the research articles, a review article will be distributed that is meant to provide a bit of context for the lecture for those students with less background and will not be a specific point of discussion.


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