Scientific thinking and practice

BCH 2128H

This course will deal with philosophical, psychological and practical foundations of scientific thinking. Concepts to be discussed include the origins and development of the scientific method, the nature and importance of paradigms, scientific creativity, human capacity for error, data presentation and manipulation, reproducibility and selected case studies. The course will consist of in-class discussion. Electronic media (phones, computers) are strictly forbidden – pen, paper and hard copies of reading material are permitted. Students will be expected to do all reading in advance and to arrive at class prepared to present on all topics.

Drop date: Students are not permitted to drop a 0.25 credit course if more than one class has been completed without approval of the course coordinator.

Course Next Offered

Winter 2024

Course Time and Location

Start Date: 15 January
End Date: 11 March (note that 19 Feb is Family Day).
Time: 1-3:30
Day(s) of the Week: Mondays

Course Location:
Building: UC
Room: 255

Enrollment Limit

Yes — 12

Method of Student Evaluation

3 x half-page assignments (5% each, 15% total)
Essay (35%)
Class participation (50%)


Justin Nodwell

Justin Nodwell

Medical Sciences Building
1 King's College Circle

Last Updated 25 November 2023