Advances in optical microscopy: from single molecules to four-dimensional imaging.

BCH 2024H

Contemporary optical microscopy plays a central role in modern cell biology and biophysics. A variety of techniques have been developed to visualize and track organelles and even single molecules in live cells and organisms, and dedicated algorithms enable sophisticated analysis of the localization, shape, motion and other properties of defined structures. Recent developments have improved the resolution of optical microscopy below the diffraction limit that hampered fluorescence microscopy for decades. Moreover, allied techniques now enable the assessment of molecular diffusion, proximity, rotational motion, force etc.  The course will describe and discuss topics including single-molecule tracking, several modes of super-resolution microscopy, photobleaching and photoactivation, fluorescence lifetime imaging, energy transfer, optical tweezers, multiphoton intravital microscopy, etc.

Course Next Offered

Winter 2019

Course Time and Location

Start date: March 1st
End date: April 5th

Day(s) of the week: Friday
Time: 3-5 pm
Location: MSB Room 5231

**NOTE: Friday March 29th - class will be held in MSB Room 2290**

Enrollment Limit

Yes — 12

Method of Student Evaluation

Presentation of assignments using Powerpoint: 80%
Participation during the lectures and discussions: 20%


Sergio Grinstein

Sergio Grinstein

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