2016 Biochemistry Retreat at Geneva Park

27 August 2016|

On August 25th and 26th, the Biochemistry Department held its first Retreat outside of Toronto at the Geneva Park Conference Centre near Orillia.

The turnout was terrific with 140 trainees, staff and Faculty gathering for two days to celebrate the science that we do and to enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful lakeside setting. The Retreat featured cutting-edge talks by trainees and Faculty members as well as an evening poster session […]

ommatidial array

McQuibban and McNeill labs reveal a novel signaling pathway, published in Cell

17 September 2014|

Planar cell polarity (PCP), is a form of tissue organization that is critical for normal development. Dysfunction in PCP can result in several human cancers. PCP can be readily assessed in the Drosophila eye, by the ordered ommatidial array shown below:

One of the key factors in the PCP pathway is the cell adhesion molecule called Fat. Using a combination of genetics and biochemistry, the McNeill (Mt. Sinai, Dept. Mol. Gen.) […]