The GPD Program is offered for both Biochemistry and Immunology graduate students and PDFs. Most who have completed the GPD course are still in training.
Some are pursuing the academic path as PDFs. Trainees from both Departments who have entered into professional careers are listed here.

  1. Bioinformatics Scientist, Cyclica Inc., Toronto
  2. Analytical Scientist, Sanofi Pasteur, Toronto
  3. Laboratory Technician, Greenfield Specialty Alcohols, Ontario
  4. Analyst at Consulting Company, Toronto
  5. Business Development at MITACs, Vancouver, BC
  6. Research Analyst, Health Care Ontario, Toronto
  7. Market Analyst at Medical Devices Company, Toronto
  8. Assistant Director of Research Programs, NPO, Toronto
  9. Research Scientist, Biotech Start-up, Ohio
  10. Market Consultant, Toronto
  11. Operations Manager, Biotech Start-up, San Francisco
  12. Industrial PDF, Vancouver, BC
  13. HLA Search Coordinator, Sick Kids, Toronto
  14. Scientist at Therapure, Toronto
  15. Scientist at Trillium Therapeutics, Mississauga
  16. Scientist at Fluidigm, Toronto
  17. Application Scientist at Cyclica Inc, Toronto
  18. Scientific Consultant at Brevitvas
  19. Clinical Research Assistant, St. Mike’s
  20. Management Consulting, Deloitte
  21. NMR Facility Manager, Memorial Univ.
  22. PDF in Wisconsin, Research Scientist at Pharma
  23. PDF in USA
  24. PDF at Oxford University
  25. Scientist, Juno Therapeutics, Seattle
  26. Scientist Lab Manager, Ranomics
  27. Intern at 3D Visualization Company
  28. Knowledge Translation
  29. Medical Writer, Metrix Group
  30. Law School, Western University
  31. Project Manager, PMH, MSL
  32. Project Manager at Sick Kids
  33. Mitacs Science Policy Fellow Ottawa, Science Advisor
  34. Postdoctoral Fellow, Copenhagen
  35. Science Presenter for Ontario Science Centre, Higher Ed Program Leader, BC
  36. Science Analyst, Investment Banking Co.
  37. Scientist at GSK Heidelberg, Germany
  38. Sales Associate at GSK
  39. Intern at Becton Dickonson
  40. Science Policy Analyst at Health Canada
  41. Biosafety Officer, U of Toronto
  42. Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Toronto
  43. Scientific Associate at Princess Margaret Hospital
  44. Management Consultant Deloitte
  45. Project Manager, U of Toronto
  46. Medical Writer at Metrix Group
  47. Medical Science Liaison, Novartis
  48. Project Manager Sunnybrook Hospital
  49. Clinical Research Project Manager, Mt Sinai Hospital
  50. Medical Write for SAGE Media
  51. Scientist at Ranomics Inc.
  52. Scientist, LifeMine Therapeutics
  53. Analyst, Triumvera Immunologics
  54. Postdoctoral Fellow at Berkeley
  55. Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream UPENN
  56. Biotech start-up in Hong Kong
  57. Biotech start-up in Guelph
  58. Postdoc at NRC
  59. Research Scientist, UK Biotech
  60. Immunology Research Scientist, Boston Biotech
  61. Research Scientist, Fluidigm
  62. Research Analyst, Spindle Consulting Inc.
  63. Research Scientist, Repare Therapeutics
  64. Dental School, U of Toronto
  65. Consultant, Shift Health
  66. Science Educator, Nunavut
  67. Postdoctoral Fellow, U Chicago
  68. Science Writer, Pharmacogenomics UK
  69. Postdoctoral Fellow, MRC-LMB, UK
  70. Postdoctoral Fellow and Science Writer, U of Toronto