U of T news! – How to use extracurricular activities to advance your career

Nana Lee of Biochemistry writes that the optimal way to find the right endeavour is to identify something that resonates with you.

A topic that repeatedly arises from my meetings with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows about their professional development is that of extracurricular activities. Those students and fellows regularly ask me, “Do I add them to my CV or résumé? Do they count?” Such questions are great starting points for them to reflect on what matters to them, what inspires them.

If you are considering the next step in your career and have similar concerns, ask yourself, “Why did I participate in this activity? What kind of impact did I make during this experience? What core competency skills did I develop that I can highlight for my potential employer?”

For example, a student who met with me wondered if the volunteering experience they’d had at a hospital before the pandemic mattered for obtaining a job in data science and should be included in their one-page résumé. I asked them a few questions, and here’s how they responded.

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