Summer Student Enrichment Program in Biochemistry 2019. 1.Chenling (Chloe) Shi; 2. Noor Hashem; 3. Quynh Huong Nguyen; 4. Zeel Patel; 5. Cian Schmitt-Ulms; 6. Doa Chaki; 7. Allison Winn; 8. Emily Hoover; 9. Niyousha Khorshid; 10. Raina Li; 11. Flora Wang; 12. Susanna Lee; 13. Mindy Lam; 14. Jaclyn Diamond; 15. Courtney Viner; 16. Jessica Chu; 17. Ben Martinez; 18. Jingze Wu; 19. Duke Orgunsuyi; 20. David Van Ommen; 21. Jiayi Zhao; 22. Muhammad Munim; 23. Mashiat Khan; 24. Tristan Kenney; 25. Minyang (Judy) Liang; 26. Louise Lu; 27. Arkajit Guha; 28. Maha Mian; 29. Zaky Hassan; 30. Yimei (Cindy) Wan; 31. Sammy Menendez-Garcia; 32. Peihao (Richard) Li; 33. Alex Lee; 34. Andria Henry.

Each year the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto provides a program devoted to enriching the overall experience of undergraduate students doing research in labs over the summer. The students learn and practice communication skills through a Three-Minute Thesis competition and by presenting there work at a research poster day. The Program also features faculty speakers talking about the breadth of research interests in the Department, and have a little fun interacting with one another. We welcome new and returning participants and wish them the best of luck in all their endeavours.

Dr. John Glover, Co-ordinator