Having a blast at the Biochemistry Holiday Party

The 2015 Biochemistry Holiday party was, as in previous years, quite a memorable and fun night. Held on a rainy November 27th evening at the Hotel Ocho, the atmosphere was warm, elegant and very welcoming. Students and faculty were dressed to impress, and it was certainly a nice change to see everyone without lab coats and outside of class. The early birds got to enjoy some cheese, crackers and mingling while people came in.

The Hotel Ocho was decorated with paintings from local artists, which was interesting to chat about and a great opportunity to see something current from the art community. While discussing plans for the December holidays, everyone was treated like royalty as wave after wave of delicious warm food came from the kitchen. There were mini beef sliders and cute mini poutines eaten with chopsticks! They had mini grilled cheese with wasabi, barbequed curry chicken with mango on a stick, barbequed garlic shrimp and even some smoked salmon. Hungry yet? Haha if you were there you will appreciate me bringing you back to that moment. Students were started off with two complimentary drinks and soon enough everyone was in the holiday spirit, joyful and stuffed.

Nana Lee led the ‘Wildtype’ group in singing two specially created Holiday songs, “These are a few of my Biochem things” and “Biochem rock” as everyone merrily sang along in the crowd. The BGSU also organized a few rounds of the popular, “Price is Right” for some lucky students to try to guess the price of lab equipment (without going over!) and compete for a prize. Later on, people busted a move on the lower level dance floor and the night came to a close in good spirits. Altogether, the whole night was very well planned and a real treat for those who attended. Thanks very much to the BGSU for throwing another great party!

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