Summer student poster presentations

The Department of Biochemistry invites undergraduate students to participate in the Summer Student Research Program which provides students with hands-on work experience in the faculty’s research laboratories.  Students have the unique opportunity to engage in research projects such as:  molecular and cellular biology, protein structure and dynamics, membrane biology, computational biology, drug discovery and infectious diseases under the guidance of a Biochemistry faculty member.

What students should expect in the Laboratory – Lab Etiquette | Research and Health Science Education (


  1. Students must have successfully completed at least one year in a full-time undergraduate program at the time of application, and by start of the work term in May.
  2. Students must have obtained, over the previous years of study, a cumulative average of at least a B+ (cGPA of 3.3/77%) or higher.
  3. Students must have completed or be currently completing an introductory Biochemistry lecture (BCH210H or BCH242Y)/equivalent biochemistry lecture course and/or a biochemistry laboratory course.
  1. There may be additional requirements depending on the category of the summer funded research (see below).

Eligible students may investigate funded summer research opportunities by securing a Biochemistry supervisor  or listing a prospective supervisor/s (see the list of participating faculty) and submitting their UROP/SSRP application package to be considered for the following categories:

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program/Summer Student Research Program (UROP/SSRP) Award -yrs 2 and 3. Duration = 12 weeks.
    • Research and Health Science Education (RHSE) Award – yrs 3 and 4. Duration = 12 weeks.
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) – domestic students in yrs 2, 3 and 4. Duration = 16 weeks
  • UofT Excellence Award (UTEA) – UofT domestic students in yrs 2 and 3. Duration = 14 weeks
  • James and Hilda Warwick Award (BCH Studentship) – UofT Biochemistry students in yrs 2, 3 and 4. Duration = 14 weeks


Application procedure and form:

Please ensure the following documents are included with your UROP/SSRP application package.

  1. Resume/CV
  2. Official academic transcript (non-UofT student)
  3. A list of mid-term marks in progress (if applicable)
  4. The application form BCH-Summer-Student-Research-Program-Application-form-2024-AAA
  5. References are optional: maximum of 2 references who are familiar with your most recent work/activities.

Application deadline: 4 pm Tuesday February 27th 2024 to  Jennifer Haughton


NSERC application: only students who submit the above UROP/SSRP application package may be approached to complete a NSERC application.

UTEA application: only students who submit the above UROP/SSRP application package may be approached to complete a UTEA application.


Summer students for funded research are selected on the basis of academic achievement, and their motivation for undertaking research in Biochemistry.

Due to the large numbers of applications, only students selected for the summer funded opportunities in Biochemistry will be notified. The department thanks all applicants for their interest.