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Undergraduate Lecture – courtesy Division of Teaching Laboratories

BCH210H Summer – Biochemistry I: Proteins, Lipids and Metabolism

BCH210H Fall – Biochemistry I: Proteins, Lipids and Metabolism

BCH242Y – Biochemistry

BCH311H – Biochemistry II: Nucleic Acids and Biological Information Flow

BCH340H – Proteins: from Structure to Proteomics

BCH350H – Antibiotics and antibiotic targets

BCH422H – Membrane Proteins: Structure and Function

BCH425H – Structural Biology: Principles and Practice

BCH426H – Regulation of Signalling Pathways

BCH428H – Genomics of microbial communities in human health and beyond

BCH440H – Protein Homeostasis

BCH441H – Bioinformatics

BCH444H – Protein Trafficking in the Secretory and Endocytic Pathways

BCH445H – Organelles and Cell Function

BCH446H – Membrane Dynamics of the Cell Surface

BCH448H – Structure and Function of the Nucleus

BCH449H – Medical Biochemistry

BCH479H – Advanced Seminar in Biochemistry