Second Year Biochemistry Specialist Class

The Department of Biochemistry offers a number of undergraduate courses to students who are interested in learning more about biochemistry. These courses are listed in the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar under “Life Sciences.”

The second year courses cover essential and fundamental aspects of biochemistry. These courses are designed to complement material that is presented in BIO250Y and other second year courses. The second year biochemistry courses serve as required preparation for many third year courses in other departments and programs as well as laying the groundwork for further studies in biochemistry.

There are two different second year courses. BCH210H is intended for students in the majority of Life Science programs. BCH242Y is a smaller, full-year course that has a lab component but it is restricted to students who are enrolled in the BCH, BCB, MGB and IMM Specialist Programs.

The Department also offers 3 different third-year laboratory courses. BCH377H/378H are restricted to students in the BCH, MGB, and IMM Specialist Programs. BCH370H is open to students in all other programs.

Students wishing to continue their studies in biochemistry, also have a variety of options for courses at the third and fourth year level.

Please check the individual course web pages for more information about each course, including prerequisites and enrolment restrictions.