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Attisano lab discovers a new player in the Hippo signalling pathway

The Hippo pathway is a conserved intracellular signaling pathway with important roles in various aspects of development and homeostasis in animals. Defects in Hippo pathway regulation are associated with various types of cancers. Factors such as cell-cell contact, cell morphology and G-protein coupled receptors have been shown to regulate the Hippo pathway but the mechanisms are not very well understood.

In work published in the latest edition of the EMBO Journal, the Attisano lab describe a new regulator of this pathway, ARHGEF7 (also known as β-Pix). […]

19 December 2014|

Biochemistry Graduate Student Survey 2013-14

The annual Graduate Student Survey is announced on the BGSU blog:

Please let us know how you are doing in your program and how you think the department is doing.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes and covers topics including: stipend/finances, time to completion, and social events. This year we’re happy to provide a dedicated course feedback section. If you’ve taken a biochemistry course this year, use this opportunity to voice your opinion on the class. […]

24 April 2014|