Liliana Attisano

Liliana Attisano


Address 160 College Street, room 1008
Toronto, ON M5S3E1
Lab Attisano Lab
Lab Phone 416-978-1359
Office Phone 416-946-3129

Dr. Attisano completed her PhD at the University of Toronto and conducted post-doctoral research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, NY.  She currently holds a Canada Research Chair in Signalling Networks in Cancer.

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Research Lab

TGFβ/Smad signalling pathways in early mouse development

Research opportunities for undergraduate or graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with background and interests in molecular biology/biochemistry, mouse models, and/or high-throughput screening are available.

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Research Description

Morphogen signalling pathways and the regulation of complex biological responses

My laboratory focuses on understanding how intracellular signalling cascades receive and then transmit extracellular signals and thereby modulate complex biological responses. Current areas of particular interest are the TGFbeta, Wnt and Hippo signalling pathways, whose disruption is associated with numerous human cancers. My lab also studies pathways that regulate neuronal morphology, including the formation of axons and dendrites in primary neurons. We use mammalian cell model systems and biochemical and cell biological methods, and mouse model systems to examine how pathway disruption alters cellular and developmental processes. In addition, we use high-throughput robotics-based methods to examine the dynamics of protein-protein interactions, and to screen for alterations in signalling output using siRNA and small-molecule chemical libraries.


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