C. James Ingles Professor

BSc. University of Toronto
PhD. University of British Columbia
Banting & Best Department of Medical Research, Rooms 103/107

Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Transcription of RNA in Eukaryotic Cells

Research Synopsis
My laboratory investigates both RNA transcription and DNA repair.

We are interested in the function of the tandemly repeated heptapeptide domain of eukaryotic RNA polymerase II, its CTD, which was discovered in my laboratory. We have identified several CTD-binding proteins that may couple ongoing transcription and pre-mRNA processing events.

We are also investigating DNA repair mechanisms in human and yeast cells. DNA repair is of interest as cancer susceptibility results from inherited mutations in DNA repair genes. We are currently studying interactions between replication protein A and other DNA repair proteins including the human BRCA1 and BRCA2 proteins. Mutations in BRCA genes account for most cases of familial breast cancer, likely by impairing double-strand break repair.

Work on my laboratory is funded by a CIHR grant.

Selected Publications
Recent publications in molecular biology: PubMed    

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