Please read the latest message from the Chair with regards to the Department’s response to the Covid19 Pandemic.

The remaining graduate student seminars. These will begin, online, starting on March 25th – see the schedule below. The time will be as per usual: 12-1 Wednesdays via Zoom. Instructions to follow.

The 1st Talk Symposium. The schedule is now up, see below. As with the student seminars, these will be held over Zoom.

Connell Lecture Series and the Benjamin Schachter Symposium have been postponed.

Student Seminar Schedule

March 2020

25th Nicholas Ostan (Sup. T. Moares) /
Jia Yuan (Richard) Liu (Sup. W. Kahr)

April 2020

1st Wenguang He (Sup. M. Ohh) /
Sungwon Hwang (Sup. K. Maxwell)
8th Ingrid Grozavu (Sup. I. Stagljar) /
Victoria Riccio (Sup. A. McQuibban & P. Kim)
15th Laura DiGiovanni (Sup. P. Kim) /
Alexa Fitzpatrick (K. Maxwell)
22nd No seminar (week of the 1st Talk Symposium) Zoom
29th Esther Shin (Sup. T. Moraes) /
Chloe Mitchell (Sup. C. Deber)

May 2020

6th Jingjing Huang (R. Pomes) Zoom


Biochemistry Community Event Series

To keep our community connected through these times, we have planned a weekly zoom series on Wednesdays at 12-1 pm for all students, postdocs, staff, faculty of Biochemistry. Sessions will include ample time to promote questions and discussion. Zoom details will be sent out via email. If you would like to join and are not on our mailing list, please send your email, your position and lab affiliation to with a subject heading: Request to join BCE.


May 2020

13: Keeping Up with “Kwarantine” with Guests Dr. Trevor Moraes, alumni Dr. Tomas Gverdyz, Scientist at PPD Laboratories (Wisconsin) Talk Show Hosted by Shivneet Gill

20: Biochemistry Department’s Research Response to Covid with Guests Dr. Karen Maxwell, Dr. Jim Rini, Simoun Icho, Alexa Fitzpatrick Hosted by Kyla Germain

27: Research Response to Covid with Guests Dr. Igor Staglijar and Epidemiologist Dr. Ashleigh Tuite Hosted by Walid Houry


June 2020

3: Online Ontario Cell Biology Symposium Register here:

10:  “LC-MS-based metabolomics: basics of the instrumentation” by Dr. Yunong Li, Postdoctoral Fellow Maynes’ Lab ” and “Research at Repare Therapeutics Inc” by Dr. David Gallo (Grant Brown alum) Hosted by Doorsa Tarazi and Amogh Natu. Dr. Li will start at 12 noon. Dr. Gallo will start at 12:30 pm.

17: The Epidemiology, Big Data of Covid Panel Discussion Hosted by Nick Demers with Dr. Al Levin (Henry Ford Health), Dr. Jane Heffernan (York University), Isha Berry and Jean-Paul Soucy

24: Quantum Biology Guest Panel Discussion Hosted by Claire McMurray and James Otis

Dr. Alexandra Olaya-Castro, University College London
Dr. Mike Miller, University of Toronto
Dr. Michael Bordonaro, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine



1st Talk Symposium Schedule

Monday April 20th

9:00 AM: Elaine Thai (Julien Lab)

9:20 AM: Sean Ihn (Palazzo & Lee Labs)

9:40 AM: Shelley He (Deber Lab)

10:00 AM: Sang Minh Huynh (Moraes Lab)

10:20 AM: Meera Mehta (Muise Lab)


Tuesday April 21st

9:00 AM: Maria Tereschenko (Lee Lab)

9:20 AM: Piriththiv Dhavarasa (Kelley Lab)

9:40 AM: Yifan Eva Wang (Palazzo Lab)

10:00 AM: Nadia Zafar (Attisano Lab)

10:20 AM: Lamia Hossain (Pomes Lab)


Wednesday April 22nd

9:00 AM: Richard Banh (Pomes Lab)

9:20 AM: Alima Khan (Maxwell Lab)

9:40 AM: Robert Lu (Sharpe lab)

10:00 AM: Marim Bargash (Houry Lab)

10:20 AM: Sareh Bayatpour (Muise Lab)


Thursday April 23rd

9:00 AM: Amy Nouanesengsy (Julien Lab)

9:20 AM: Andrea Guljas (Pomes Lab)

9:40 AM: Jamie Van Loon (Howell Lab)

10:00 AM: Johnny Mastromarco (Lee Lab)

10:20 AM: James Otis (Sharpe Lab)


Friday April 24th

9:00 AM: Alison Mark (Andrews Lab)

9:20 AM: Brandon Payliss (Wyatt Lab)

9:40 AM: Emily Moon (Screaton Lab)

10:00 AM: Shivneet Gil (Melnyk Lab)

10:20 AM: Chien-Yi Lu (Kahr Lab)