Before starting an application, ensure that you have reviewed the How to Apply instructions.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Please ensure you allow sufficient time to ensure all required documents are received according to the deadlines indicated below.

Graduate student maintaining cell cultures in a biosafety cabinet

SEPTEMBER 2022 Admission Deadlines

There are two application deadlines for September 2022 admissions

Early Admission Deadline:
15 January 2022
Last day to submit all required documents.
*Applicants must notify references that their online reference form must be submitted by this deadline

Regular Admission Deadline:
March 31, 2022
Last day to submit all required documents.

JANUARY 2023 Admission Deadlines

1 October 2022
Last day to submit all required documents.


International Students
International applicants (students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada) need to find a sponsor before they submit their application. A sponsor is a Faculty member who provides a commitment of placement in the event that you are not able to secure a placement in a different lab after the rotation process. Once you have secured a sponsor, please inform the sponsor that they must submit a Sponsorship Form to Carrie Harber.