Students in the M.Sc are required to take the equivalent of 1/2 credit as part of their degree requirements.
*excludes 1400 level courses unless approved by the Graduate Coordinator.

Students in the Ph.D. are required to take the equivalent of 1 1/2 credits are part of their degree requirements.
– Only ONE (BCH / JBB / JBZ / JNR) 1400 level series of courses is permitted for Ph.D. course requirements
*For all graduate students entering in Fall 2017 and thereafter, the Graduate Professional Development module is only available to Ph.D. students in year 2 and beyond

Ph.D. Candidacy information: 
Doctoral students are subject to the School of Graduate Studies policy on “Timely Completion of Graduate Program Requirements”. A PhD doctoral student is expected to have completed all program requirements exclusive of thesis by the following point in the program:

Ph.D., four year program – end of third year
PhD., five year program (direct entry and M.Sc. transfers) – end of fourth year

Full details can be found on the SGS website at:

The Biochemistry department offers 1/4 credit topic courses, BCH 2024H, click on the links to the right for details of previous and upcoming offerings.

Students may also take courses from other Departments, with the permission of the Graduate coordinator,  Angus McQuibban