Protein Structure, Folding and Design


This course emphasizes basic biophysical concepts. The lectures will be geared to both generalists and specialists. Graduate students interested in general principles of protein structure, including but not limited to those specializing in folding and structure determination, are encouraged to enroll.

Recent advances have shown how a variety of different protein conformational states, including folded, dynamic, disordered, amyloid, gel, etc., can serve biological function or cause diseases. In view of this exciting development, this course has undergone a small re-organization since 2012. In addition to our emphasis on folded and unfolded structures, now we also provide necessary physical concepts for students to understand the multiplicity of conformational states available to proteins as well as examples of the functional relevance of these states.

Course Outline:
Course outline for Fall 2018


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Fall 2018

Course Time and Location

Location: MSB 3278 (to be confirmed)

First Day: Sep 14
Last Day: Dec 7

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Method of Student Evaluation

Student presentation (25%)
Assignments (25%)
Participation (10%)
Final exam (40%)

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Hue Sun Chan

Hue Sun Chan

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Julie D. Forman-Kay

Julie D. Forman-Kay

Molecular Medicine
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