Advanced Biochemistry Lab


BCH478H is designed as an advanced successor in a progression of biochemistry laboratory experiences in BCH242Y1, BCH377H1, and BCH378H1, presenting students with a broad spectrum of techniques, approaches and concepts of contemporary biochemistry. For 2019 we are using CRISPR/Cas to construct a heterologous metabolic pathway in budding yeast. We will follow this with an assessment of anti-CRISPR activity in vivo. The synthetic biology will be complemented by an investigation of anti-CRISPR protein structure and function. Using state-of-the-art interaction methodologies (SPR, BLI, MST) we will analyze anti-CRISPR binding affinities. Protein crystallization, crystallization optimization, structure solving, model building, and refinement will be pursued.

Course Next Offered

September 2019

Course Time and Location

Tuesdays 3 to 5 pm AND Fridays ~10 am to ~5 pm
Teaching Labs, Medical Sciences Building, Room 2384


BCH340H1, BCH377H1, BCH378H1, MGY311Y1

Enrollment Limit



Restricted to Sp. Biochemistry

Recommended Reading

The laboratory manual will be provided to students on Quercus.  There is no required textbook for this course.

Frequent reference is made to original papers and review articles.


Grant W. Brown

Grant W. Brown

Donnelly Centre, Room 1206
160 College Street

Trevor F. Moraes

Trevor F. Moraes

MaRS Center, West Tower
661 University Ave., Rm 1613


Last Updated 29 June 2019