Advanced Summer Research Project in Biochemistry


Real-world opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and hone technical skills through full-time research in an active research laboratory for students who have completed third year. Students are responsible for arranging for supervision by a Department of Biochemistry faculty member in advance of the academic year-end. Participants must have a minimum cGPA of 3.0 and the approval of the course coordinator.

It is the student’s responsibility to locate a supervisor. Once someone has agreed to supervise your project, you need to contact the coordinator or the department to get approval. You can contact the department for expectations regarding hours required to complete the course.


BCH340H1; BCH377H1; BCH378H1; and permission of Department

Enrollment Limit


Method of Student Evaluation

Proposal: Due within first month. Marked by coordinator. 15%
Midterm Performance Evaluation: Due at the end of six weeks. Given by supervisor. 10%
Final Performance Evaluation: Due at the end of term. Given by supervisor. 25%
Mini-paper, presentation, and mini-defense: Evaluated by two participating faculty (not your supervisor) 50%


John R. Glover

John R. Glover

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Last Updated 2 February 2016