Molecular Evolution


This course will examine the fundamental concepts of evolution with an emphasis on molecular evolution. We will discuss selected controversial topics such as molecular clocks, alternative splicing, junk DNA, random genetic drift vs. natural selection, the Three Domain Hypothesis and whether humans are evolving. We will examine various evolutionary hypotheses that scientists are proposing as alternatives to the Modern Synthesis.

Course Next Offered

January 2015

Course Time and Location

1 - 3 pm, Tuesdays
MSB 4171


BCH210H1/BCH242Y1, BCH311H1/MGY311Y1/PSL350H1

Enrollment Limit


Method of Student Evaluation

midterm test 30%
essay 30%
final exam 40%

Recommended Reading

list of books and articles


Laurence (Larry) A. Moran

Laurence (Larry) A. Moran

Room 5253
Medical Sciences Building

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