Regulation of Signalling Pathways

BCH426H (BCH1426H)

A variety of questions relating to signal transduction are investigated. How are extracellular signals such as morphogens, growth factors or insulin, received and transmitted by intracellular proteins including kinases and phosphatases to control cellular proliferation and differentiation?

Topics to be covered

  • Liliana Attisano: General signal transduction, TGFβ signalling and pathway cross-talk
  • Amira Klip: Pathways that regulate glucose transporters and their metabolic implications
  • Daniela Rotin: Phosphatases

Course Next Offered

January 2022

Course Time and Location

Room: tba
11:00 - 12:00, Tuesdays and Thursdays


BCH210H1 / BCH242Y1;
BCH311H1 / MGY311Y1 / PSL350H1

Distribution Requirement Status: This is a Science course
Breadth Requirement: Living Things and Their Environment (4)

Enrollment Limit

Yes — 80

Method of Student Evaluation

Two Midterm tests (50-60%*) and a final exam (40-50%*). *varies from year to year


Liliana Attisano

Liliana Attisano

160 College Street, room 1008


Last Updated 15 May 2021