Proteins: from Structure to Proteomics


Proteins are the main functional units of the cell. In this course, a detailed overview of protein structure, stability, folding, and protein-ligand interactions will be given with strong emphasis on discussing the basic principles in the field. Biophysical methods as well as theoretical approaches to studying protein stability and folding will be presented. Proteomic approaches to map protein-protein interactions will be discussed. Finally, protein misfolding diseases will be examined. Some knowledge of math and calculus is needed for this course.



Course Next Offered

January 2020

Course Time and Location

The course will be held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm in room MSB2173.

Enrollment Limit

Yes — 80

Method of Student Evaluation

There will be 24 lectures and 3 discussion sessions and 3 question periods. Prior to attending the discussion session, students will be required to read a research paper. The paper will be presented at the session. Students will be asked to submit the assignments+discussion questions at the beginning of the discussion session. There will also be student presentations at the end of the course. Details of these presentations will be provided in class.

Final grade is the sum of grades of 3 exams, 3 assignments+discussion questions, and 1 student presentation. The exams will include questions from the lectures, assignments, and discussion sessions. There will be no midterm or final for the course.

More details are available on Quercus for enrolled students.


Walid A. Houry

Walid A. Houry

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