Research Opportunity Program


The ROP299Y offers committed and enthusiastic students the chance to undertake exciting projects in research laoratories. We select the students who will learn research methods and share in the excitement and discovery of acquiring new knowledge while working with us; at the same time they earn 1.0 FCE course credit towards their degree and program requirements. Working on a closely supervised research project provides the second year students with a beneficial experience that will have a significant impact on their future learning at the undergraduate level and beyond. In return, we benefit from the work of young, engaged researchers-in-the making.

We ask that all eligible students submit their applications as per the directions on the ROP website, through Deborah Shaw (, the coordinator of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning of the Faculty of Arts and Science.


The deadline for submission of completed project descriptions from Departments to Arts and Science is Wednesday January 7th, 2015. The deadline for students to apply for the Summer ROPs is March 2nd, and March 16th for Fall/Winter ROPs.

Course Time and Location

minimum of 8 hours / week in any laboratory of interest


This course may appeal to specialist students who have four lab modules in BCH242Y. Either BCH242Y or BCH210/BCH311 courses are listed as co- or pre-requisites.

Enrollment Limit


Method of Student Evaluation

Research proposal at the beginning of the course (10%).
2 Presentations in group meetings at the beginning and end of the course
of 1 presentation in group meeting and 1 poster at the Undergraduate Research Fair at Hart House (30%).
Lab performance (30%).
End term report (30%).


Cordula Enenkel

Cordula Enenkel

MSB, Room 5306
1 King's College Circle

Last Updated 1 December 2014