Biochemistry I: Proteins, Lipids and Metabolism

BCH210H Summer

An introductory course in biochemistry covering proteins, enzymes, and metabolism.

Course Next Offered

Summer 2019 (May-June)

Course Time and Location

Lecutre: M/W/F 10am-12pm
Tutorials: W/F 9-10am


Successful completion of (CHM135H1, CHM136H1)/(CHM138H1, CHM139H1)/CHM151Y1
NOTE: CHM1** WITH COURSE EXCLUSION TO CHM135H1 AND CHM136H1 meet the Prerequisite requirement for BCH210H1.
CHMA10H3 & CHMA11H3 (UTSC) are equivalent to CHM135H1 ONLY. CHMB41H3/CHMB42H3 (UTSC) are equivalent to CHM136H1 ONLY.
CHM242H5 (UTM) is equivalent to CHM136H1 ONLY.
Students with a SDF in CHM135H1/CHM136H1/CHM138H1/CHM139H1 are not permitted to enrol in BCH210H1 until a final passing grade (50%) appears on the transcript.

Enrollment Limit



BCH242Y / 310H / 320Y / 321Y / CHM379H / 361H(E) / 362(E) / 261H(E)


Stavroula Andreopoulos

Stavroula Andreopoulos

Medical Sciences Building Room 5219
1 King's College Circle
University of Toronto


Last Updated 12 April 2019