Biochemistry I: Proteins, Lipids and Metabolism

BCH210H Fall

An introductory course in biochemistry covering proteins, enzymes, and metabolism.

There is no required textbook for this course.


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Amino acids can be classified based on their hydrophobicity, as determined in class. The 20 amino acids are sorted from most hydrophobic (left) to least (right).

Course Next Offered

September 2022

Course Time and Location

For Fall 2022, the plan is for this course to be held in-person, but will be dependent on current U of T guidelines.


Successful completion of (CHM135H1, CHM136H1)/(CHM138H1, CHM139H1)/CHM151Y1
NOTE: CHM1** WITH COURSE EXCLUSION TO CHM135H1 AND CHM136H1 meet the Prerequisite requirement for BCH210H1.
CHMA10H3 & CHMA11H3 (UTSC) are equivalent to CHM135H1 ONLY. CHMB41H3/CHMB42H3 (UTSC) are equivalent to CHM136H1 ONLY.
CHM242H5 (UTM) is equivalent to CHM136H1 ONLY.
Students with a SDF in CHM135H1/CHM136H1/CHM138H1/CHM139H1 are not permitted to enrol in BCH210H1 until a final passing grade (50%) appears on the transcript.

Enrollment Limit



BCH242Y / 310H / 320Y / 321Y / CHM379H / 361H(E) / 362(E) / 261H(E)


Sian Patterson

Sian Patterson

Medical Sciences Building Room 5221
1 King's College Circle
University of Toronto


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