Islet Biology I: Gene to Cell to Organ to Disease

BCH 2139

This graduate-level course will focus on a wide range of topics focused on the pancreatic islet.  Each lecture will cover fundamental concepts in biochemistry with an emphasis on islet biology. These will include the impact of genetic variation on islet cells, the development of islet cell subpopulations, transcriptional networks and cell identity, biotechnological approaches, as well as communication between islet cells and the local environment, including components of the immune system, and how these interact to affect islet loss and dysfunction. A more integrated understanding of these processes will be facilitated in a discussion of islet-hormone regulated metabolic pathways and integrative physiology.


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Given the current interest in this course, auditing will not be permitted this time.

University of Toronto Students:
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** Note if you were previously enrolled in BCH 2024H Y – Focused Topics in Biochemistry, and have not yet completed two modules, then you will need to contact the Biochemistry Department to sign up for BCH 2139H.   You should NOT request this through ACORN.

Instead, you will remain enrolled in BCH 2024H and this module will be used towards completion of BCH 2024H.  Your grade in BCH 2024H Y will be the average of your final grade for this course and the final grade of your last completed module under BCH 2024H Y.

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Add date – Deadline to submit request – Friday October 8, 2021 (5:00 PM EST)

Drop date – Students have until the day before the first class to drop the course.  Students can only drop the course after the first class with the permission of the instructor.

Course syllabus subject to change

Course Next Offered

January 2022

Course Time and Location

Time: Mondays 1-3 pm
Start Date: January 10th, 2022
End Date: March 21st, 2022

Jan 10 Lecture 1
Jan 17 Lecture 2
Jan 24 Lecture 3
Jan 31 Lecture 4
Feb 7 Lecture 5
Feb 4 Lecture 6
Feb 28 Student Presentations
Mar 7 Student Presentations
Mar 21 Student Presentations

Enrollment Limit

Yes — 15

5 spots are reserved for Biochemistry grad students

Method of Student Evaluation

Participation 25%
Presentations – 50%
News and Views Article Critique – 25%


Robert Screaton

Robert Screaton

Sunnybrook Research Institute
2075 Bayview Avenue, Room M7 617

416-480-6100 X 5743

Erin Mulvihill

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