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The 10,000 PhDs Project

2 February 2018|

The 10,000 PhDs Project, an initiative of the School of Graduate Studies, used internet searches to determine the current (2016) employment positions of the 10,886 individuals who graduated from the University of Toronto from 2000 to 2015 in all disciplines.

An Op-Ed article by Reinhart Reithmeier on the 10,000 PhDs Project was published in University Affairs on February 1, 2018 along with a news […]

The second annual Biochemistry Departmental Retreat at the Kempenfelt Centre

31 August 2017|

The second annual Biochemistry Departmental Retreat was held at the Kempenfelt Centre on August 30-31st, 2017. The retreat not only allowed the Department to celebrate our newest scientific discoveries, but also to allow everyone to see old friend and meet new colleagues. It also allowed incoming graduate rotation students to sample all of the exciting science that is happening throughout the Department. This year, the retreat focused on grad students […]

2017 Biochemistry Golf Day

15 June 2017|

It was a dreary day on June 13th but it would take more than a few showers to dampen the spirits of 24 intrepid biochemists who headed out to the Flemingdon Park 9-hole Golf Course in Midtown Toronto for our annual Golf Day. Each team had its share of beginners and ringers playing a “best ball” format that allowed everyone to contribute to their team. Despite spending more than a little time […]

2016 Biochemistry Retreat at Geneva Park

27 August 2016|

On August 25th and 26th, the Biochemistry Department held its first Retreat outside of Toronto at the Geneva Park Conference Centre near Orillia.

The turnout was terrific with 140 trainees, staff and Faculty gathering for two days to celebrate the science that we do and to enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful lakeside setting. The Retreat featured cutting-edge talks by trainees and Faculty members as well as an evening poster session […]

2016 Biochemistry Golf Day

9 August 2016|

August 9th dawned hot and steamy but that didn’t deter our hardy biochemists from heading out to Flemingdon Park 9-hole Golf Course in Midtown Toronto for our annual Golf Day. Each team had its share of beginners and ringers playing a “best ball” format that allowed everyone to contribute to their team. Despite the 32 degree heat and sticky humidity the competition was fierce with the Dead Ringers pulling out […]

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GPD Workshop for PDFs and Senior PhDs: Registration Now Open!

14 March 2016|

The GPD course, condensed into two full days and directed by Dr. Nana Lee, will highlight strategic communications and self-marketing to land dream careers. Workshop will be tailored to participants’ interests. Previous GPD trainees have succeeded in obtaining careers as listed here. Dates are June 3 and June 17 from 10:30 – 6 (MSB 5231) with a site visit to Janssen Pharmaceuticals Friday July 8, 10-12. PDF registration […]

Williams lab unravels the mechanistic basis of a treatment for prion diseases

3 March 2016|

Prion disease occurs when the normal cellular prion protein (PrPC) is misfolded by a pathogenic form of the protein termed PrP scrapie (PrPSc). One approach to treat prion diseases is to reduce or eliminate PrPC since mice lacking this protein show few ill effects. The human-approved immunosuppressive drug FK506 has been shown to extend survival in prion infected mice but the mechanism has been controversial. In a paper published in the […]

2015 Biochemistry Holiday Party

7 December 2015|

The 2015 Biochemistry Holiday party was, as in previous years, quite a memorable and fun night. Held on a rainy November 27th evening at the Hotel Ocho, the atmosphere was warm, elegant and very welcoming. Students and faculty were dressed to impress, and it was certainly a nice change to see everyone without lab coats and outside of class. The early birds got to enjoy some cheese, crackers and mingling […]

11th Annual Benjamin Schachter Memorial Lecture

16 November 2015|

From 1934-1939 Dr. Benjamin (Benny) Schachter worked in the Department of Biochemistry conducting research on female sex hormones, isolating and identifying conjugated oestrone sulphate (Premarin). To honour Benny Schachter’s memory, a donation was made to the Department by his family. The funds are being used to support an annual lectureship in his memory. The BGSU and graduate students select and host the speaker who is a graduate from our Department.

This […]

Ramanujan Hegde: “Biosynthesis and quality control of membrane proteins”

7 October 2015|

Ramanujan Hegde from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK gave a tour-de-force presentation in our George Connell Seminar Series that focused on the quality control surveillance of tail-anchored membrane proteins and their insertion into ER and mitochondrial membranes.

Biochemistry – Immunology Baseball Challenge 2015

25 September 2015|

Mutants Win the Big Game!!!!

As reported in our last correspondence, the Biochemistry Department fielded a softball team aptly named The Mutants this year. Despite our winning name, we had an awful season. We lost our first 6 games, tied the next, and then lost the last game which gave us a record of 0-7-1. Despite the losses, […]

2015 Biochemistry Golf Day

14 July 2015|

July 14th saw the Biochemistry Department gathering once again for an exciting day of golf. Held at the Flemingdon 9-hole Golf Course in Midtown Toronto the threat of rain didn’t deter our intrepid golfers. Eight teams composed of beginners and experienced players enjoyed a “best ball” format that ensured that all golfers were able to contribute to their team’s effort. And it was a squeaker with the Pathological Lab Mates […]