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Biochemistry undergrad student Moustafa Abdalla named Rhodes Scholar

U of T News” reports on 2 of the 11 Canadian students who will be heading to Oxford for postgraduate studies next year as 2015 Rhodes Scholars.

Moustafa Abdalla is studying biochemistry and physiology at the Faculty of Arts and Science. He plans to “study computational biology and computational medicine research at Oxford, and hopes to one day contribute to the advancement of medicine through the ethical use of technology […]

6 December 2014|

Igor Stagljar has been named a corresponding member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Professor Igor Stagljar, Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research, has been named a corresponding member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He uses a combination of molecular, cellular, chemical genomic and proteomic approaches to study the function of yeast and human membrane proteins, as well as bacterial proteins involved in pathogenicity.

30 June 2014|

Vince Nadeau and Tracy Stone Receive Outstanding TA Award

Outstanding TA awards were awarded to Vince Nadeau (BCH210 lecture course) and Tracy Stone (BCH370 lab course) for their excellence in undergraduate teaching.

12 June 2014|

Graeme Sargent Received the David A. Scott Award

Graeme Sargent received the David A. Scott award for top all-round student that includes service, teaching and research. The awards was presented during Research Day 2014.

Congratulations Graeme!

12 June 2014|

Summer students participate in Research Day 2014

Summer student Peiran Su explains the intricacies of proteasome dynamics like a seasoned pro.

12 June 2014|

“The Case for Junk DNA” by Alex Palazzo

Dr. Palazzo, in collaboration with Dr. T. Ryan Gregory from the University of Guelph, published a perspective titled “The Case for Junk DNA” that appeared in the May 2014 issue of PLOS Genetics. It was highlighted on the National Geographic website.

Overview of the Paper:

With the advent of deep sequencing technologies and the ability to analyze whole genome sequences and transcriptomes, there has been […]

9 May 2014|

Biochemistry Graduate Student Survey 2013-14

The annual Graduate Student Survey is announced on the BGSU blog:

Please let us know how you are doing in your program and how you think the department is doing.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes and covers topics including: stipend/finances, time to completion, and social events. This year we’re happy to provide a dedicated course feedback section. If you’ve taken a biochemistry course this year, use this opportunity to voice your opinion on the class. […]

24 April 2014|

Stagljar Lab identifies a novel biomarker for cancer detection

The March 23rd issue of Nature Methods highlights the Stagljar Lab‘s development of the mammalian membrane two-hybrid (MaMTH) assay and its application to the human epidermal growth receptor (EGFR), mutations of which are associated with lung cancer. Using this approach, they identified CrkII as an interactor of the mutated EGFR and showed that Crk II regulates the stability of mutated EGFR and thus promotes signaling within […]

23 March 2014|

Year End Party 2013

This year the Department celebrated the end of the year in different style with an evening party planned and run by our graduate students.

Held at the Loftraum on Gerrard, which featured separate rooms that catered to those inclined to dance the night away as well as those preferring more sedate activity, there was something for everyone.

The evening began with buffet dining, then singalong science parody songs led by John Glover, […]

6 December 2013|

Professional Development Course Highlighted in Science Careers

The Department’s Professional Development Program and course, created by Dr. Reinhart Reithmeier and Dr. Nana Lee, is garnering international attention. It was recently highlighted in Science Careers, a division of the the journal Science.

Today, the majority of Ph.D. graduates in the biomedical sciences no longer obtain positions in academia. A survey of Ph.D.s graduating from the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto (U of […]

2 October 2013|

Trevor Moraes Awarded Tier 2 Canada Research Chair

Research in the Moraes Lab examines protein and ion translocation across bacterial membranes. In particular, Dr. Moraes dissects the components of these pathways examining their interactions in molecular detail. Biochemical tools such as X-ray crystallography provide atomic resolution 3D-models of the proteins, while surface plasmon resonance, isothermal calorimetry or bio-layer interferometry are used to determine kinetic parameters and validate models that describe the mechanism of action. These membrane proteins function […]

12 October 2012|

Dr. Reinhart Reithmeier Elected Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

At a ceremony held in Ottawa on September 20, 2012, Biochemistry Chair Reinhart Reithmeier was admitted as a Fellow to the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) “having demonstrated both distinctive accomplishments and the commitment to advance health sciences”.

A major goal of the CAHS is to provide timely, informed, science-based and unbiased assessments of urgent issues affecting the health of Canadians.  Reinhart, well-known internationally for his work […]

20 September 2012|