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Dr. Sue Jaspersen “‘Pore-ing’ into the yeast nucleus”

As part of the Connell Lecture Seminar Series, Dr. Sue Jaspersen from the Stowers Institute for Medical Research gave a seminar on how the spindle pole body duplicates in budding yeast, and how membrane-bound proteins enter the inner nuclear envelope.

28 September 2016|

Dr. Stephen Scherer – “Molecular Imbalance in Autism and Related Disorders”

As part of the 25th Anniversary of the Connell Lecture Seminar Series, Dr. Stephen Scherer from SickKids gave a seminar on the newest findings in genomics as applied to the understanding of complex diseases such as autism.

16 September 2016|

The 66th Annual Conference of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists

The local organizing committee (LOC) cordially invites you to the University of Toronto for the 66th Annual Conference of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists, to be held between Sunday June 12th and Wednesday June 15th. The LOC has identified symposia topics that will be of interest to CSM members within the three central themes of the CSM. The conference will start on Sunday with an education and career development workshops. […]

11 June 2016|

Nikolaus Grigorieff: “Optimizing Image Contrast for Cryo-EM”

Nikolaus Grigorieff from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Research Campus presented his latest work to the Department in the George Connell Lecture Series.

28 October 2015|

Michael Terns “CRISPR-Cas: Small RNA-Guided Prokaryotic Immune Systems”

Michael Terns from the Departments of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Microbiology at the University of Georgia gave a presentation for our George Connell Seminar Series entitled CRISPR-Cas: Small RNA-Guided Prokaryotic Immune Systems. For more on his work, visit the Terns Lab Website.


25 September 2015|

CIHR Foundation Grants Awarded to Four Faculty Members

15 July 2015|

Emad Heidary Arash wins the Beckman Coulter – Molecular Devices Prize


Emad Heidary Arash, from the Attisano lab, presented the Beckman Coulter – Molecular Devices Prize talk for the most outstanding paper published in 2014 from a student in the Biochemistry Department.

In this paper Emad and his co-authors identify ARHGEF7, also known as β-Pix, as a new regulator of the Hippo intracellular signalling pathway.   This work was published last year in the EMBO Journal.

21 May 2015|

April Pawluk wins the 2015 Sela Cheifetz Award

The 2015 Sela Cheifetz award for outstanding research for a Biochemistry Graduate Student was awarded to April Pawluk from the Davidson Lab.

April presented her work on the identification and analysis of novel anti-CRISPR genes.

21 May 2015|

Tomas Gverzdys wins the Scott Award for Top All-round Grad Student

This year’s Scott Award went to Tomas Gverzdys from the Nodwell lab.

This award is for the “best all-round Biochemistry graduate student using as criteria performance at seminars, readiness and willingness to assist fellow graduate students and staff, abilities as teaching assistant, etc.” The award is provided from an endowed fund set up by the estate of David Scott in his honour.


21 May 2015|

Larry Moran Quoted in the New York Times Magazine

In a followup to an article on Junk DNA that appeared in the New York Times Magazine on March 8th, the paper surveyed the reaction amongst online commentators. In the article Larry Moran was quoted:

the general public has been snowed by the Encode publicity campaign and by naïve journalists who have enthusiastically reported that junk DNA is dead.

21 March 2015|

Jean-Phillipe Julien: “Lowering the bar for an HIV vaccine”

Jean-Phillipe Julien, one of the newest members of the Biochemistry Department , presented the above lecture in our George Connell Seminar Series. For more on Professor Julien’s research visit his website.

18 February 2015|

The Forman-Kay lab provides new insights into how intrinsically disordered proteins mediate phospho-regulation

In the latest issue of Nature, the Forman-Kay lab describes how the structure of an intrinsically disordered region of 4E-BP is modulated by phosphorylation.


8 January 2015|