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  • Molecular Dynamics of a Blood Group Antigen

    In a collaborative project started during a sabbatical leave at Oxford, Reinhart Reithmeier and Antreas Kalli (Leeds) used computer simulations to characterize the dynamics of the human red blood cell anion transport protein Band 3…
  • Dysregulation of the human mitochondrial protease ClpP induces cancer cell death

    Acyldepsipeptides (ADEPs) compounds have bactericidal properties via dysregulating the activity of the highly conserved tetradecameric bacterial ClpP protease. In a recent publication in Cell Chemical Biology, Keith S. Wong and co-authors from the Houry group…
  • Malaria: Cooperating antibodies enhance immune response

    Source: Steve Bryson, PhD Malaria is one of the most inflicting infectious diseases worldwide. Each year, an estimated 200 million people contract malaria and approximately 440,000 people succumb to the infectious disease. Scientists in the…
  • Avoiding catastrophe: Yeast study reveals clues to maintaining genome size

    By Jovana Drinjakovic Study reveals an unexpected role for a well- known protein machinery in maintaining the correct DNA content with implications for cancer and other diseases As cells divide, they must accurately split their…
  • New Tools for Biofilm Disruption

    Microbial biofilms grow on biotic and abiotic surfaces. The matrix of the biofilm that the pathogen produces protects them from the host immune response and antibiotics. ┬áThis proposes a major challenge for the treatment of…