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  • Mentorship Matters: The Case for Graduate Professional Development

    Professor Reinhart Reithmeier and Christopher Kelleher, a PhD Candidate in English, published an article entitled “Mentorship Matters: The Case for Graduate Professional Development” in the on-line version of Academic Matters, OCUFA’s Journal of Higher Education.…
  • GPD featured in University Affairs

    Biochemistry’s GPD course is highlighted in today’s University Affairs.
  • New advances in phagocytosis by the Grinstein lab published in Nature Communications

    Sergio Grinstein’s lab studies phagocytosis –the mechanism responsible for the clearance of pathogens, dead cells and macromolecular debris. The formation of the phagosome and its internalization requires tightly coordinated, localized actin assembly and disassembly. While…
  • Breaking down the protective armour of the mold Aspergillus fumigatus

    Collaboration between Dr. P. Lynne Howell  and Dr. Don Sheppard has led to the discovery of a novel class of enzymes and an increased understanding of how to potentially fight a common and deadly fungal…
  • Are You My Mentor?

    An invited article by Professor Reinhart Reithmeier entitled “Are You My Mentor?” has been published in the Career Advice section of University Affairs: ( The article highlights the critical role a well-chosen mentor can play in…