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  • Nature News and Views Article by Moraes and Reithmeier

    Trevor Moraes and Reinhart Reithmeier discuss SLC26 transporters in a News & Views article published in the October 6, 2015 issue of Nature Structural & Molecular Biology entitled “ Solute Carriers Keep on Rockin’ ”.  The 400 members of…
  • Welcome Biochemistry Specialist students!

    A new school year is under way and the Department of Biochemistry welcomes this year’s class of 2nd year Biochemistry Specialists. Congratulations to the 22 students who were accepted into this prestigious program. The cohort,…
  • Rubinstein Lab publishes paper in eLife

    The Rubinstein laboratory, along with collaborators at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia, and Medical Research Council Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge, England, have just produced the highest-resolution structure available…
  • PNAS article on HIV-1 clade C trimers that increase the arsenal of Env immunogens

    Jean-Philippe Julien at the SickKids Research Institute and collaborators at Scripps report in PNAS two HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins (Env) of clade C sequences that are faithful antigenic and structural mimic of the native trimer in its…
  • Brandon Sit and the Moraes Lab publish article in PLoS Pathogens

    In this PLoS Pathogens article (Sit et al.), undergraduate student Brandon Sit together with other members of the Moraes Lab used X-ray crystallography and additional biochemical and functional approaches to illustrate that AfuABC binds and transports…